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We are a Malaysia-based cold chain solutions provider. This digital platform was founded in 2021 and offers a directory of key players within the cold chain industry.


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We also provide frequently updated articles about all things related to the industry such as:

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  4. IT, infrastructure and new technologies.


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Industries Relying on Cold Chain Services


Cold Chain Industry Overview

The cold chain industry's primary goal is to protect goods from the point of origin to the point of sale. This ensures that the goods arrive in perfect condition, with no spoilage, damage, quality changes, or contamination. A well-established cold storage facility with an appropriate control method can store and keep goods at the ideal temperature for a wide range of goods, including food, semiconductors, pharmaceutical products, and logistics.


Cold Room and Cold Truck Related Services

A cold room is a type of refrigeration chamber or insulated space designed to maintain an artificially generated temperature or temperature range. Cold rooms are used to store temperature-sensitive, perishable goods such as food and pharmaceuticals such as vaccines. The size of cold rooms can range from small walk-in rooms to large warehouse storage areas.


Leading Edge of Cold Chain Storage

Everything from remote temperature settings and defrost cycles to robotic forklifts and high-efficiency LED lighting systems helps cold chain facilities manage costs and critical systems more effectively. One of the more popular technologies is visibility and traceability, because the perishable component makes location and time of delivery even more important than shelf-stable goods.


Challenges in cold chain digital transformation

Cold chains are one area of supply chain management where data and analytics may have a greater impact. Businesses are implementing technology solutions to better monitor cold chain shipments and manage their supply chains. Using digital tools, they can generate and collect more granular data about what happens in their cold chain. The data can then be used to fuel data and analytics efforts, resulting in better cold chain management strategies.


Our Story

The idea behind Coldberg Malaysia came from the story of a fisherman’s daughter. When Covid-19 hit Malaysia in early 2020, Amanda returned home to assist her family’s small-scale fish business as her college education was temporarily on hold.

Before the pandemic, almost 95% of her family’s business is sold to traders and is ready for collection upon arriving onshore with a variety of fresh fish. When the first wave of the lockdown came, sales dipped to 50% due to transportation and limited demand from traders. With reduced demand, there was plenty of wastage and that’s when Amanda realised that a business model change is required.

With basic knowledge of cold chain management, she set up simple cold chain facilities to clean and store her farmed products and started selling them online.

Within one month’s time, their revenue not only reached back to 95% but they managed to hit an overwhelming target of 130% returns. Amanda then shares her difficulties in accessing business information and suppliers when starting her cold chain journey.

With the pandemic looming over the world in years to come, the cold chain industry is increasingly becoming one of the most sought after industries to ensure goods are delivered safely and on time to consumers. Coldberg Malaysia aims to help businesses connect and grow through a digital transformation, designed to establish a healthy and fruitful relationship between producers and suppliers with end-users. We want to help all the Amandas out there


Coldberg Malaysia’s Brand Philosophy

The name Coldberg derives from the term cold chain (Cold) and iceberg (Berg). Based loosely on the iceberg theory coined by American writer Ernest Hemingway, Coldberg aims to show data and information (bottom level of the iceberg) that are important for success and clarity (top level of the iceberg).

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