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Introduction to 5 Common Types of Racking Used in Cold Room / Cold Warehouses

Leading Edge of Cold Chain Storage April 20, 2022


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Cold room storage spaces help keep goods, such as food and beverages, pharmaceutical products, and environment-sensitive electronics, at the desired temperature. It will prolong their shelf life and preserve their quality. 

Businesses will typically use a pallet racking system to organise their inventory in cold storage.

The pallet racking system enables greater energy efficiency of the cooling system in cold storage and thus save costs and increase productivity. 

Here are five common types of racking used in cold storage.

  • Shelving 
  • Selective / Double Deep Racking
  • Mobile Racking / Drive In / Push Back
  • Shuttle System / Radio Shutter
  • ASRS / Mini Load / Multi Deep

1. Shelving

There are three types of cold room shelving, depending on the nature of your business.

  • Standard shelving is the most commonly used, either freestanding or fixed to a wall. 

  • Mobile shelving has wheels and is ideal for large cold rooms, kitchens and laboratories.

  • Lockable trolleys in hotels, restaurants and hospitals happen to be the most publicly used type of shelving.

2. Selective and Double Deep Racking

This is the most common type of racking and it is widely use in many countries. In Malaysia , selective / double deep racking is preffered due to the lower investment cost compare to other type of racking. There are some differences between the selective and double deep racking.

Selective rack systems are beneficial if you handle a lot of palletized products. Due to easy assembly, the installation process and maintenance are simple and concise. 

On the other hand, double deep racking allows for a maximum of four pallet rack assemblies to be installed back-to-back-to-back. This configuration creates double-deep storage on both sides of the aisleway. The double-deep selective rack configuration is ideal for storing dry goods with no expiration date and medium to long-term shelf life LIFO (Last In First Out) loading necessities.

3. Mobile Racking / Drive In / Push Back

The mobile racking, drive-in, and push back are adapted to compact racks to increase storage capacity. 

As a result, it is an ideal high-density system for cold storage as individual access aisles typical of an adjustable pallet racking system are not required, resulting in a single access aisle to the stored material. 

Because of their ability to efficiently optimise space, they are frequently used in cold stores and freezing chambers. Some benefits for these rackings are maximum use of space, energy-saving due and easy access to loads.

4. Shuttle System / Radio Shutter

Pallet racking with the shuttle system is a semi-automated compact pallet storage solution that employs motorised pallet shuttles to perform movements within the racking.

This system maximises available space and height while minimising the truck's work aisles, making it ideal for use in a cold store or freezing chamber.

5. ASRS / Mini Load / Multi Deep

An automated storage and retrieval system (AS/RS) is a type of warehouse automation technology that is specifically designed to buffer, store, and retrieve products and inventory on demand.

Shuttles, cranes, carousels, vertical lift modules (VLMs), micro-loads, mini-loads, unit-loads, and other systems are some examples of AS/RS technology.

There are many benefits to this, including:

  • Increased inventory storage density through more efficient use of floor space and the ability to reclaim unused vertical space.

  • Ergonomics and safety have been improved, resulting in fewer accidents.

  • Enhanced throughput

  • Lower labour costs

  • Fewer labour constraints as a result of labour shortages

  • For maximum flexibility, modular designs are frequently used.

  • Increased order picking precision

  • Product security has been improved for premium inventory

Utilising cold storage racking with high capacity storage racks and shelves will reduce your storage area by 50% to 60%. Your floor space will also increase. The flexibility can significantly reduce wasted aisle space, freeing up more space for inventory.

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