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Common Refrigeration Equipment Questions in Malaysia

Cold Chain Problem Solving & Diagnosis September 12, 2022


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We rely heavily on our air conditioner unit to keep chilled and comfortable in a hot, humid country like Malaysia. Temperature can be a factor when it comes to sensitive goods, especially when it comes to cold rooms and warehouses.

That's why it's so aggravating when your refrigeration equipment breaks down. 

Knowing what to do if the worst happens and the units develop problems is critical, but so is understanding what these problems are so that you can either troubleshoot them or know when to call in the professionals.

Here are some frequently asked questions you might have of your refrigeration equipment.

Question 1: Should I have a Standby Unit?

As a business, it is always worrisome when the power goes out. It means your goods would be in a compromising position and have only a few hours (or less) before it goes bad. Temperature-sensitive products like vaccines and certain types of food require consistent temperature control. Thus, it's good to have a backup generator or a Genset, portable equipment consisting of an engine and a generator used to provide energy.

A backup power system is a valuable tool regardless the nature of your business or what your power requirements are. You can find a system that works for you, whether you want a whole-house, solar-powered battery backup system or a small portable generator. This is applicable from a small to a large sized operating coldroom.

Question 2: Which Refrigerants Provided by Supplier is Allowed in the Malaysia?

Refrigerant is the type of fluid used in the refrigeration system, also known as vapour compression. Refrigeration must have thermodynamic properties that are economical and reliable operation. 

Some specifications to consider that are common for businesses to evaluate before purchasing refrigerators are:

  • Low boiling point

  • The freezing point below evaporating pressure

  • Evaporating pressure slightly above atmospheric pressure

  • Condensing pressure slightly above atmospheric pressure

  • High latent heat of vaporisation

  • Critical temperature and pressure above condensing temperature

  • Smallest condensation ratio

Ammonia, for example, is a nearly ideal refrigerant because it is inexpensive, has exceptional thermodynamic properties, has an atmospheric boiling point of -30ºC , and has a very low viscosity but it is toxic and explosive.

Question 3: What Affects the Cost of Refrigeration Equipment?

One of the first few discussion points is the types of available refrigerations. The size and price of the refrigerators depend on the site and facility. Small business premises will only require a relatively simple system to set up, while bigger buildings or on multiple floors will require a bit more work and attention and thus, are more likely to require investment. 

The other point is the efficiency of the refrigerator. Energy costs account for a sizable portion of a company's operating expenses. What happens if the capacity is exceeded or exceeded? The most cost-effective method is to install compressors and blowers back to back. These are some points that affects the cost of refrigeration equipment.

Question 4: How Often Do I Need to Do Maintenance for My Refrigeration System?

Most refrigeration experts recommend that you perform an annual service. During the maintenance, the air conditioning professional will inspect the unit closely for any problems, clean the filters and ducts, and ensure that the refrigerator operates efficiently to keep your electricity bills low.

To properly maintain a system, the maintenance schedule should include all major components: the evaporator(s), compressor unit, and condenser are examples of these.

In summary

Operating your business that requires a refrigeration system will lead you to many questions and doubts. The best advice is to identify your needs and consult various suppliers to find the best unit suitable for your business.